"His work is smart and interesting."

"[Glass Blue Cleft] provides the contrast and respite that much contemporary music seems to lack."
-Audiophile Audition

"[Glass Blue Cleft] is a piece for lovers of the string quartet, those amazed by how fiery and how dulcet these four-stringed instruments can range in expression."
-Three Village Patch

"...lyrical, lucid and fun to hear...[the work was] fresh in the way [he] employed syncopation, cross-rhythms and timbres..."
-Seattle Post Intelligencer
"...full of surprises..."
-Seattle Weekly
"'Twilight for Adored and Breathless Moments'...breathed the past in and out..."
"The one gem on the program,...was Twilight for Adored and Breathless Moments ...it constantly ventured away...on these tonal and rhythmic adventures that were an absolute pleasure to hear. Each separate adventure took the listeners farther away from where they had previously been...the cumulative effect was quite wonderful. This was a beautiful piece of music and its composer has some serious chops"


"His music has already achieved a distinctive style. Its main interest is rhythmic, and he's developed an engaging knack for shifting between tempos, setting up unusual rhythmic grooves, and creating metric ambiguity in a beat-oriented context. His harmonic techniques are...lively, and create surprising variety with simple means. I regard him as an excellent example of the new generation of composers who have corralled influences of pop music and minimalism into a rich and lively genre of chamber music."
-Kyle Gann, composer; new music critic, The Village Voice; Professor of Music, Bard College
"His harmonic language is fresh, his rhythmic language vital, and his sense of form...is unerring...he has a flair for writing idiomatic and virtuosic music that performers enjoy playing and singing."
[As a teacher,] he creates an excellent rapport with his class, excites them with his enthusiasm, and expends countless hours in creating the best course possible."
-Perry Goldstein, composer; Professor of Music, Stony Brook University
"With the concentrated study he's done at Stony Brook, he's added...[a] muscular formal sense and a willingness to let unexpected shapes emerge from his materials."
"I believe Max to be a born teacher."
"In terms of sureness of expression, control of form, and sheer beauty of sound his [concert music] work is in a class with the leading young composers of his generation."
"Max's work for Proto-type [is] some of the best theatre music I have heard in downtown New York experimental theatre productions. The music is extensive in duration, essential to the experience, often the motivator of dramatic action...with each production the richness and inventiveness of the music [has] increased."

-Conrad Cummings, composer; The Juilliard School composition faculty
"Elk River's Edge [is] inspired, fresh and beautifully conceived...Max exhibit[s] skill in writing lyrical, complex rhythmic and evocative sections for both voice and instruments...a tremendous natural talent."
-Lisa Sylvester, pianist, conductor; Vocal Coach and Music Director, California Institute of the Arts
"I am quite impressed with what he has done."
-John Adams, composer, conductor
"This music is about today!"
-Wendell Logan, composer; Professor of Music, Oberlin Conservatory
"He has imagination, fluency, and craftsmanship..."
-Ed Miller, composer; Professor of Music, Oberlin Conservatory
"...a talented musician and an exceptionally gifted composer."
-Samuel Christler, Artistic Director and Conductor, Sinfonia-San Francisco